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Harmsco Hurricane Replacement Cartridges. Hurricane cartridges are cleanable and reusable in most applications and micron ratings (5 micron and up )
Harmsco recommends operation at 70% of maximum flow rate for optimum performance

Harmsco Hurricane Replacement Cartridges

Harmsco HC/40-0.35 Polyester Plus

Harmsco Hurricane Polyester Plus Cartridges, for high efficiency, low pressure drops; HC/40-0.35  0.35 micron nominal

Harmsco Hurricane Polyester-Plus HC/40-1 Cartridge HUR 40, HC/40-1 Cartridge  1 micron nominal

Harmaco Hurricane Repalcement Cartridges HC/40-10 10 micron

Harmsco Hurricane Replacement Cartridge HC/40-100 100 micron

Harmsco Hurricane Filter Cartridge HC/40-150 150 Micron

Harmsco Hurricane Replacement Cartridge HC/40-20 20 micron

Harmsco Hurricane Replacement Cartridges HC/40-50 50 micron

PP-S-1  Poly-Pleat Filter Cartidge, One Micron Absolute 9-3/4"L x 2-3/4" 24/cs